Sunday, September 12, 2010

Days at the Fair

This is the last day of the Luzerne County Fair. Today I got here before the Fair opened at 11:00 (I've done this the past two days) and walked around for a few minutes, to stretch my legs and look for cinnamon rolls (not ready yet) the morning at Fairs is my favorite time - I've done this at Bloomsburg Fair too, the vendors are busy setting up, no one is really in a major hurry, they'll look up and say good morning, there are no stresses yet. The smells of the bar-b-que is just starting, the morning is fresh -even if it is cold. Than the day starts, things get busy, orders come in, people ask questions and the those that love what they are doing will tell you everything...just stop by and talk to the man who has the hit and miss engines,or the gentleman in the tractor display, sometimes even if you don't ask questions.

The most fun was being at our booth and giving out balloons....the smiles on the smallest kids-seeing a great big balloon in red or blue all for them was special. Asking an older child... 7 or 8 "do you want a balloon?" and getting an enthusiastic "YES" (imagine them bouncing up and down too) or letting them pick out their favorite candy. Something you might miss if your not looking ..... mom or dad looking up at the display to see who is giving out balloons to their kids and telling them to hold on tight. Reading the banner that says "The Episcopal Church Welcomes You" and than they might glance around some more, look at the information on the tables and maybe ask a few questions. If they don't - that's fine, we made a good impression... we were friendly, not pushy. Open, not aggressive. Inquiring but not accusatory. Visitors to our booth were treated as guests.

The other neat thing was to be available to our neighboring vendors ... teasing one that his zebra was distracting the children we were trying to give balloons to, or helping out one by watching their space for a little while, lending a chair to another. Than hearing their stories, and listening...just listening. To their pains, concerns, their questions, their heart.

Someone asked me - was this worth it? Or just a waste of time.

The answer is "Yes, it was worth it." For the smiles, the laughter, the questions, the stories. Time is only wasted if you learn nothing. This was not a waste of time."