Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Giants and Tempests

We all have giants in our lives, those situations and times in where all we can see is the size and the seemingly impossibility of the task at hand. Cleaning out a closet, quitting a habit, getting the kids dressed in the morning, readjusting the household budget, doing the taxes, finding your glasses.... from big to small these things can stop us in our tracks and leave us motionless.Tempests- when everything seems to be swirling around you and completely out of your control.A tempest day happened me not long ago. A day that started out normal and once it went out of control it went spiraling quickly, leaving me to move from one moment to the other and responding to each situation not leaving time to think or relax, until everything had resolved themselves and I sat down, sincerely thanking God for giving me the patience and strength to respond to each of the needs of those around me without losing my temper, or getting emotionally embattled.David faced a Goliath, literally. But not with sword and armor, but with stones and a slingshot and more importantly "in the name of the Lord" trusting in the God of Israel to deliver the giant into his hand. The disciples were in the middle of a tempest, their boat being swamped by the waves caused by the windstorm, waking Jesus to ask him, Don't you care that we are about to perish ?Rebuking the waves and calming the sea, he than turned to them and asked "Why are you afraid? Have you still no faith?"Faith and Trust, at once easy and difficult to do. Give me a computer, and a question - I can find the answer. Hand me a trowel and plants - I can get it planted.That GetterDone attitude is easier to do than to Trust and have Faith

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