Saturday, December 24, 2011

December hauntings

by the middle of December - I had so many things looming at me. Toys for Tots (how was I going to manage the distribution???) CEO food order, cleaning out a space for the homeless shelter, Clothing Closet donations, food storage, freezers needing to be repaired, wanting to be in NC to help my mom put back the living room and move out the furniture from the dining room for contractors to repair floor and paint.

A song kept haunting me - just the first few words, but I could not grasp what it was. I couldn't find it on my CD's, when I finally got a chance (or remembered) to look. I knew the version I wanted was by Mannheim Steamrollers: Veni Veni, I finally found it on itunes, downloaded the entire album (my copy I realized was a cassette) Listened to the song I had been looking for, but it wasn't quite right. Beautiful song, but not what had been haunting me.

So many families signed up for toys, 250 children, needed two cars to pick up food at CEO warehouse, including produce (tangerines, onions, carrots, broccoli, cut/packaged fruit) cleared out minor items from the space for shelter, luncheon with the ladies, Lessons and Carols service, updating Facebook, Youtube.....

That's the song!! Listening to the whole album I heard the song, grabbing my cell I checked out the name... Of course. I hadn't needed Veni, Veni (O Come, O Come) I needed to hear:

Still, Still, Still
one can hear the falling snow.
for all is hushed, the world is sleeping
Holy Star it's vigil keeping.
still, still, still
one can hear the falling star
Sleep, sleep, sleep
'tis the eve of our Savior's birth
the night is peaceful all around you
close your eyes, let sleep surround you.
sleep, sleep, sleep
'tis the eve of our Savior's birth
Dream, Dream, Dream
of the joyous day to come
while guardian angels without number
watch you as you sweetly slumber
dream, dream, dream
of the joyous day to come.

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