Saturday, March 10, 2012

Evil vs Hatred

What is the difference? This is a question I've been wrestling with for a few weeks now, ever since seeing the movie 'Attack on Darfur' part of the Lenten movie series,Evil in Film, we are watching. Hatred is easy to define; feelings or passionate dislike for someone or something, detest, loathe. I dislike canned peas, but I have no desire to eradicate them from the planet. Is that what evil is, acting on the hatred? Can evil exist without the hatred? Evil; profoundly immoral, malevolent, vicious, sinister.
Subsequent movies have not been helpful in my questioning: 'Dominion:Prequel to the Exorcist' and 'Devil's Advocate', both Hollywood depictions -one worse than the other to be sure (okay okay very campy). Both seem to maintain that Evil just is and we are to resist it. However humans seem to be able to do much evil to and for each other without bothering to resist.
I haven't found any answers, maybe I'm not ment to. Wrestling with the question is more to the point, if we don't question than we are just accepting what is and not willing to change it, or ourselves in the process.

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